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  • CA:

When it comes to money, your Dad comes into the picture. He gives you the pocket money, helps you grow and looks after your career. He protects you from evils. He is also the person who scolds you when you go wrong in life. A Chartered Accountant does exactly the same work. He helps you with Finance and continuously keeps a watch over you, by auditing, ensuring that you are not doing something wrong. Besides, he also looks after your growth.


  • CMA:

Whenever you are in dilemma, your sibling is the one person who comes to your rescue, to help you decide. This is exactly what a CMA does. CMA is a decision maker and plays the advisory role in an organization.


  • CS:

Your food, your routine, your clothes, your room and every other thing that you need to keep up yourself, is done with the help of Mom. Your Mom does the work of maintaining you. Similarly a Company Secretary does the work of maintaining and running the company by ensuring all legal compliances.