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The internet, the technology, the digitalization everything have changed our approach to life. Human thought processes have become like a RAM instead of a ROM. Switching Channels, hopping from FB to whatsapp, downloading, bluetoothing, xendering having become our way of life. Yes, we criticize this but end up getting involved in it. This marshy trap has no way out of it.

Thanks to these packages of electronification. Awareness and perceptions about deciding, fixing and pursuing a career have undergone a tremendous change. The thought processes and environmental variables which contribute towards deciding a career goal have been very dynamic. The four corners of the traditional decisive medium are appreciably changing into a polygon of the information technology medium.

This brings us to our today’s point of discussion. Career. What is “Career”?  Here are my perceptions. Absolutely, each one of us can have our own perceptions!

  • It is the journey of life which destines you to self-contentment.
  • It creates happiness for your and your family members.
  • Society stands to gain a lot from it.
  • Name, fame and goodwill are the wonderful fruits to be borne from it.
  • Earns you handsome money for sustaining a quality standard of living as per your needs.

Knowing and understanding these parameters will lay down a strong foundation to make your career building a simply out of world and magnificent one. The seeds of these gigantic trees should be sown some where in the 7th -8th std. As this is the time when dream world starts waning and real life approach starts emerging. Inquisitiveness is the greatest constituent of your “Realistic Career Building”.

Freezing on a career goal is a process. The childhood impressions, the parental perceptions about the child, the social waves splashing on the mind set of the child, the exposure amongst the friend circle, the openness about the child positively towards social media and technology. A mix and match of all there factors deliver into a raw combo of the so called pursued career.

The childhood impression carries a deep rooted impact on this decision. “I know and i’m sure what I am good at”. “I can’t act at all”. “I’m a good cook”. “Maths is not my cup of tea”. To name a few childhood impressions. Though of course maturity can reverse them.

Parental perceptions should not in any way influence the whole character of career building. Of course it is the parents who must expose the child right from the childhood to various circumstances. Facilitate him to get involved in various activities. Observe their interests. The impressions carried by a child for himself should be seconded by the parents. Parent’s role should be of facilitators and not that of compellers.

The social waves mean teachers, Family, relatives and friends influencing the career decision. One must meet different people relating to the careers you have short listed. These people could be stalwarts in the chosen fields, could be teachers belonging to that field or could be constituents involved in the system of that field.

Friends are to be made a positive entity in career selection. In no way they should influence their decision on you. Be smart enough to  extract inputs about the various fields they know through a healthy discussion.

This brings me back to my opening para, social media and technology. Hopping through the various sites, array of career options could be located. Studied thoroughly. Tons of information could be garnered on them. And finally a shortlist could be made of what exactly you want to pursue.

To sum up what’s a redefined pathway to Career selection.

  • Start when you are in 8th  and 9th Std.
  • Make a list of avenues you feel are worth for you.
  • Make a list of your career facilitators, which may include your parents, teachers, elders siblings, eminent personalities from the society whom you know (or may not know)
  • Interact with them on various platforms.
  • Freeze a final set of career options.
  • Start taking action by selecting proper courses, subjects and preparing for necessary exams.

Embark upon a Career well planned, well directed to reach you to your Self- Contentment!

Here’s wishing you a good luck in this endeavor!


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  • Future Mantra
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